As you already know that LASIK is an extremely effective procedure performed worldwide. Although, not everyone is suitable for having this surgery. Reason because each human is different and so are their health conditions. LASIK on the other hand requires a patient to fit in certain criteria. Your surgeon will perform a complete set of eye tests before the surgery. These tests are performed to make sure whether a person is healthy enough for LASIK or not. Now, you might be wondering about what exactly this includes. Don’t worry, we will get you through the whole eye examination procedure in detail. Just read the article further to know all about this. 


Well, at first your doctor will ask you to stop wearing glasses a few weeks before the surgery. This is because glasses can alter the shape of your cornea, and to perform the eye examination your surgeon will need the exact results. The test basically includes a proper examination of the corneal composition, shape and thickness, pupil size, lubrication of eyes etc. All these factors determine whether you are suitable for lasik eye surgery in Delhi ( or not. While performing the tests your surgeon will also use some eye drops that will help him/her to examine more carefully. Below mentioned are some risk factors that may results in disqualifying you from having lasik eye surgery:-

  • Thin cornea- As you might know that during the lasik eye surgery a thin corneal flap is created to fix the vision related issue. Therefore, the thickness of your cornea plays an important role in making you eligible for the procedure. Patients having a thin cornea are more prone to side effects after having the surgery. 

  • Higher prescriptions- Patients having  high myopia or high hyperopia may not be considered as the good candidates for LASIK eye surgery. Reason because in that case too much corneal tissue will be removed to treat the patient’s eye. And that is definitely not good for the long term. 

  • Abnormalities in corneal curvature- With the advancement in technology, there are many devices available to measure the overall curvature or shape of the cornea. These devices are called typographers. Any abnormality found may indicate that the curvature is weaker than that of an average person. Hence, excluding that person from having lasik. 

  • Large pupils- Some patients experience glare, halos or night vision issues after having lasik. This is mainly because of the large pupils in some individuals. 

  • Dry eyes- This one is definitely the most common yet important one. If a person is having dry eyes symptoms such as burning, redness etc go for lasik, it will result in worsening these symptoms. This happens because of the corneal nerves that are cut during this procedure as these are partly responsible for stimulating the tear section. 


Hence, if you are able to do well through this examination, you should really go for it. LASIK surgery cost in India (visualaidscentre) is extremely affordable. Therefore don’t miss the chance of you being found eligible.